Thursday, February 2, 2017

Why Is It So Important To Get The Right cbse Syllabus for class 9 and 10

The school syllabus is what gets to set the tone and tenor of any school education.  It is important that people opting for a particular mode or style of education are informed on the advantages and more importantly the limitations of a school syllabus.  There have been numerous instances when the choice of the wrong type of education has resulted in difficult and hard to adjust personalities later in the lives of people.  
The aim of a syllabus
First and foremost the school cbse syllabus for class 10 defines what the pupil of a certain stream of education is being molded to be.  It is the product of a particular system that is being set forth in the formation and administration of a syllabus.  A majority of people do not realize the importance that a particular stream of education has in the lives of students and the later to be adults.  
Many a time, the seeds sown in the formative years have been hard to change in adulthood resulting in hard personalities that would not pay heed to any authority.  On the extreme other hand, we find that an improper grooming at the early stages of childhood has resulted in adults who had low self esteem and did not participate in any social activity what so ever.  
This amply demonstrates the role that a good cbse syllabus for class 10 has in grooming the future of any country and it is the wise parent that would decide on the right mix of subjects as well as proper all round development that would ensure a good and well rounded personality.  

The method of instruction
It is often observed that students of same or similar syllabus tend to have a sharp contrast to each other.  This brings us to the method of instruction that is being followed by different managements that follow the same board cbse syllabus for class 9 .  As important as choosing the syllabus is the application of the mind to take in the intended syllabus.  

With the judicial recognition that corporal punishment is not to be permitted in any form, the management of good schools has brought in a carrot and stick policy that does produce better result.  It is no small matter that the teacher pupil relation is close to a divine relation.  For eons together the Indian ethos has put the teacher at the very top of the hierarchy close to the parents of a child. This is a model that need not be tampered with no matter the pressures to do otherwise.   

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