Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Innovations In Teaching Mathematics by using ncert math solutions for class 9 and 10

It is the traditional class room methods that are usually pursued in the learning of mathematics.  There used to be very little by way of participation from the student community.  With new thinking and new methods being adopted by schools and more importantly the teaching community, it is but natural that results that were far from what traditional methods produced were given.  However esoteric some ncert class 10 maths solutions might seem; there is always a connection to the real word and in real time too.  It is for the tutor to get the students immersed and fully involved with the requirements of a mathematics classroom.  

Use of stories to teach Mathematics
It would seem that mathematics is a very boring subject.  Far from it.  In our earlier days of studying maths, the test books and the tutors would take assistance from stories to bring to life and more importantly to build a link to actual life like situations.  As the higher classes approached, the use of stories and allusions were discarded mainly because it became harder to tell out in stories or allusions the more complex requirements of  ncert maths solutions class 9.    

The solution is to get to the very basic of the mathematical problem at hand to have a proper and thorough base in the field.  However complicated the matter at hand, it would be able to be applied to real situations only thing is that the effort must be whole hearted and with persistence.  At times, when the tutor would also be unsure of the subject, it would lead to a confusing lecture classes that might seem far out from life like situations.
Working on emotions
With the older classes it becomes more of a matter of pride that a certain problem was too demanding or out of reach for a particular student of groups of students.  It soon becomes a prestige matter that a problem could get the better of their abilities.  Here is when the emotions come into play.  By using the ego of both the pupils and tutors of ncert class 10 maths solutions, it soon becomes a live and charged atmosphere to find a solution to a given problem.

But a reliance on just raw emotion can at times not produce the results.  A judicious mix of the carrot and stick policy can usher in a refreshing flow of ideas and energy to bring about a much needed solution to most demanding of mathematical problems.

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